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My Christmas Cactus or Schlumbergera bridesii

This came to me via the UPS just a couple of days after Christmas. I didn’t post it right away as I wanted it allow some time so that it could stretch out its little limbs and get used to the new surroundings. Thanks Gwen!

My Christmas Cactus

Some facts about him:

Common name – Christmas Cactus
Scientific name – Schlumbergera bridesii
Origin – A group of epiphytic cacti native to the South American jungles

Which I got from Fernlea Flowers

Power outage

About 3 years ago, I purchased 3 of APC’s medium end UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for the home server and all the little gizmos for the home network. Mainly I bought these for when I was hosting my own server, but now I mainly use them to help protect against surges.

Well, last night I had a short black out. It was around 8pm when everything just want dark! The only thing that was light was my cordless mouse. I got out the old flash light, went outside to make sure that it wasn’t just my house and sure enough. The entire block was out. Wow! As I started to silence the beeping on the ups’ , the power came back on.


Then I thought to myself, “Oh jeez.. I am gonna have to wait for like 5mins before the server and the dsl modem comes back online” OH no! Not this time, as they were on a ups and it was just a matter of me just booting up my computer and start surfing.

Canon GL2 Arrives

Today is the day that Mr. UPS delivered my very first video camera. It is sleek, light, high tech and packs a punch just like the big boys.

I am still playing with it, there are like a million buttons and hidden connectors all over it.

The manual is layout very nicely, but since I have never owned a video camera before this one. I main be over stepping my bounds here. However, if I can figure stuff out, then most should. So, with that said. You most likely can start looking foward to seeing some video footage popping up.