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My return to playing WOW

I didn’t stop playing the game becauseI wasn’t having fun. I didn’t stop playing due to a billing issue, I didn’t stop playing because I was banned for farming or being a script monger. I stopped playing because of Blizzard’s willingness to violate my privacy with their master control program. (aka warden)

I truly understand why Blizzard did it and I agree with the philosophy, after all you need to preserve the investment before someone takes advantage of an exploit and ruins it for everyone. I don’t have anything to hide, I am an honest person and like togame to the max, but when you install something on my computer and you don’t explain. It is like coming into my home and installing a video camera.

Has Blizzard changed the way that they are doing things? Nope! Does this mean that I have come across a way to circumvent their little video camera? I am not saying, all I will say is that the Internet is full of a lot smart people.

Since I had basically a 6-8 month gap from playing WOW, my character has gone from 41 to 50 in two weeks. No, I was not cheating, just grinding and 5 of those levels I had a blue XP bar, do it was double the XP for me and most of the quests I have been soloing which means that I get all of the XP. I also was able to max out my Tailoring skill and get my Enchantment skill almost at maximum as well, just need to work on Cooking and Fishing a little more.

Needless to say that when the City of Villians / Heroes Issue #7 comes out, my WOW play time will drop again.

Stretchy pants in COH today

Today for about 4 hrs, my friend Toneman, Jr and his wife/son combination and myself all gathered on the Guardian server of City of Heroes where we tested out some of the new power sets made available in Issue 5 that was made live just a couple of days ago.

After a couple hour hours doing that XP grind in Atlas, we finally made it to the Hollows and it was just a couple of hours of bashing outcast and trolls before we all had to call it a night.

More tomorrow though….

NV Refresh Bug

nvidialogo.jpgSome of you may or may not know, but there is a problem under Win2k and WinXP. That no matter what you desktop refresh rate is, when you are in a game that is using DirectX or OpenGL. The refresh rate get set to practically the slowest refresh rate there is. (slowing down your game some)

Today, I located a tool called: NVRefreshTool 2.0 NVRefreshTool is a utility used to fix the problem in Windows 2000/XP that sets your refresh rate to 60Hz when you play ANY game. This problem occurs whether or not you have a higher refresh rate set in your Display Properties of Windows.

NVRefreshTool is simple and easy to use. Just load up the NVRefreshTool program and it will automatically detect the maximum refresh rate at each resolution that your monitor supports. If you’re an advanced user, you can customize each refresh rate at each resolution.

Currently NVRefreshTool supports all Detonator versions

You can get it from here

note: Microsoft was to address this refresh rate problem in the latest Service Patch. (SP)