Tversity = Easy Internet Nomad

I have a routine that I go through when it comes to TV watching.  I came up with this the 2nd year I had a Tivo.  Right around Sweeps Week and March Madness, I stop watching the ‘new’ TV that my DVR snags and either double up on the netflix or re-watch a TV series I have on DVD.

This way when there isn’t anything on TV (you know, Big Bang, Simpsons, Family Guy, etc) , you have new stuff to turn to still.

Now – I inadvertently deleted a LOST episode that I hadn’t watched and CBS has rotated it off their site, but I was able to locate another source, but I would have been forced to watch it on a computer screen. Dang it!

If you have an Xbox360 or Playstation , then you Tversity will be the answer to your streaming issues.

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