UPS today… saved computer tomorrow.

Can a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) save you from getting a heart attack! I would answer, “YES” so that.. All this week, we are getting a lot of rain, wind .. you know.. a series of storm cells that will be pounding the area.

Last night there was a flicker that caused the UPS to start chirpping like they were singing in a choir, but everything was cool! Or so I thought, as it wasn’t until I tried to remote connect to my media center computer when I got an error message. Sure enough, I looked over and saw that the power wasn’t on and that would pretty much explain it. The plot thickens as the computer would not power up at all (CRAP!!)

I zipped down the road to my storage unit and took apart a spare computer (my grave yard) and removed that power supply and swapped it out. That fixed one problem, but the D drive wasn’t spinning up either, so this storm took our a 400watt power supprt and a hard drive. (nothing important on it)

Needless to say, the rest of the household was on a UPS and that pretty much saved me from having both a lighter wallet and heart failure and I have hooked up the refurb’d media pc to the UPS now too.

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