Vista – First impressions

It is clear that the new Microsoft OS is worth the asking price, Vista is best for:

a) those who don’t mind forking out hundreds while only getting Home Premium
b) those who buy with new systems.

Whether you choose 64-bit or 32-bit Vista will ultimately come down to how far ahead you want to push. Yes, 64-bit is more secure and is a ‘cleaner’ operating system, with less backwards compatibility and more headroom for the future – especially if you’re using more modern hardware. However, 32-bit is the smoother upgrade for most people, and is probably the one we would recommend to almost everyone.

When DirectX 10 games start arriving, the avid PC gamer isn’t going to have a choice about upgrading. But, until then, get a disc and start the installation – you’ll never go back to bland old XP again.

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