What can I get for my comic?

It isn’t the number one question I hear all of the time at the shop, but it is one of the top 5.  How much is my comic book worth? There are lots of answers to this question and lately I have been telling them to turn to Ebay.  They are a good source for realtime values, with price guides being good to find the ideal price.

I have found that this is a ‘readers’ market and not a ‘collectors’ market.  I often find that people won’t pay the prices for the classic Uncanny X-Men #94 or Incredible Hulk 181, but instead are more interested in the variant covers of their favorite current titles.

With the volatility of today’s economy, it’s important that you don’t try to sell a comic for some quick cash, especially if the comic in question is a rare find. I’ve heard from more than one of my peer comic shops about how they scored a collection from a person looking for a quick sale, only to find a lot of pricey issues.

Do you home work, but also understand that the recession will go away.

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